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green cardamom (scientific name: elettaria cardamomum, also called cardamom), is a spice plant from the ginger family, used to season tea, coffee and various dishes.
The cardamom plant is a perennial with large leaves, and there are actually three different plants called cardamom: green cardamom (also known as 'real cardamom'), black cardamom, and African cardamom.

Cardamom originates in southern India and Sri Lanka, and is also grown in Southeast Asia and Guatemala. Cardamom was one of the spices that the Nabateans traded.

Culinary uses:

It appears in various spice mixes such as Garam masala וXaviage. It is a very important spice in Indian cuisine, and is considered one of the greatest Indian spices.
It removes bad breath and is very refreshing.
In the cardamom heat, dishes with a lot of liquid are used, such as soups, nazids and pot dishes. The pods are unpleasant to eat and are therefore treated as a fragrant spice.
can be used inGround cardamom Or bCardamom pods.

Uses in folk medicine:

Cardamom is also used in folk medicine all over Asia, and in folk traditions of grandmother's medicines. And the properties are attributed to it: antiseptic, antispasmodic, muscle relaxant, decongestant, expectorant, moves and dries phlegm, stimulates immunity, improves digestion, stimulates appetite, antigases, promotes menstruation and more. Also, it is used to repel ants.

The product is not a medicine or a substitute for medicine

The spice cardamom or by its other name cardamom, often referred to as the 'king of spices', is the most common spice throughout India and its taste is loved all over the world. The seeds of the cardamom have a very warm and aromatic taste, which adds a unique, sweet and floral flavor to any food or drink.

The cardamom is rich in very powerful phytonutrients and is especially rich in manganese, traces of a mineral that helps your body create connective tissues, bones and sex hormones.
Manganese is also essential for the regular functioning of the nerves and brain and plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat, in the absorption of calcium and in the regulation of sugar levels in the body.

Just one tablespoon of cardamom gives your body 80% of your body's daily requirements for manganese. Cardamom is truly an amazing healing spice and it has even shown that it can be a natural treatment for cancer and diabetes.

According to traditional folk medicine, significant health benefits are attributed to holly. For example, it can lower blood pressure, prevent cavities, regulates blood sugar levels, helps the digestive system, relieves asthma and opens airways.
Of course, this blockade should not be treated as a medicine or a substitute for medicine.

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