Pink (red) pepper


100 mg.

The spice:

Red peppercorns, called pink pepper.
The pink pepper is produced from the same plant that produces the grains of black pepper, white pepper and green pepper.
The production of the different peppers is done by different picking stages, and drying by different methods.
The pink peppercorns are picked when the fruit is ripe.
After that, the berries will go through a unique drying process in order to preserve their reddish color. In fact, the red pepper is the ripe seed of the black pepper.
The origin of the pepper plant is in southern India.
It usually appears in the pepper mixture - the four-season pepper, and is milder than the other peppers.


Very suitable for Italian cooking, as an interesting addition to pizza sauce or pasta seasoning, goes well with whole fish in the oven and also in various desserts.
It can be crushed in a mortar and pestle or in a spice grinder (pepper mill).

Health benefits:

According to ancient cultures, using pink pepper in the diet can help in situations of constipation and lack of appetite. It also helps stimulate the blood, disinfect and immunize the body.
This product is not a drug or a substitute for a drug.


It is highly recommended to keep the spices refrigerated.




Red (pink) pepper is actually a fruit of the same plant from which the other peppers are produced. black pepper, White pepper וGreen pepper.

Red peppercorns (or pink peppercorns) are the fruits of the climbing plant Piper Nigrum. Just like the other peppercorns.

The pink peppercorns consist of ripe peppercorns. The berries are dried using a technique designed to preserve their color. This is also how the color of the green peppercorn is preserved.
The red peppercorns can be crushed or shredded. Combine them in cheese seasonings, seasoning whole fish in the oven, combination in sauces for pastas and pizzas. In view, they can also be used when baking in their whole form. The berries will give a great aroma to the stew in the oven.
Replace your daily use of black pepper with pink pepper powder and see how you upgrade your dishes. In addition, you can also use four-season pepper for additional flavors.

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Warning: Choking hazard for children under 5 years old

Precautionary rules to prevent suffocation in children under 5 years of age

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