Natural silan without sugar 900 gr


Price for 100 g - NIS 2.7

Net weight: 900 grams

Dates: 100% - no sugar 

Natural silane, and without added sugar, made in Israel. Produced from selected dates grown in Israel.
Mentioned in the sources - "the land of milk and honey", the reference is to date honey. The natural silane is a concentrated extract of dates, obtained by cooking fresh dates and squeezing them.
The natural silane without sugar is used in different countries as a natural sweetener with a unique and great taste. Used to prepare various kinds of foods and delicacies.
Our natural silane is produced from selected Israeli dates, and is produced in Israel!

Manufacturer: Tami HaGalil Kiryat Shmona

Nutritional labeling per 100 grams:
Energy (calories) 304
Total fats (grams) 0
Sodium (mg) 0
Total carbohydrates (grams) 75
of content:
Sugars (gram) 2
Proteins (gram) 0
Potassium (mg) 480

No added sugar
without preservatives
and without food coloring



Silane is usually sold with the addition of sugar when the amount of fruit containing the silane varies between 60%-40%, the addition of sugar enables a cheaper price, and this is because the use of the expensive raw material decreases.
In addition, the markets have silane imported from different countries such as Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

Natural silane without added sugar of the Galilee flavors is produced in Israel, from dates grown here by Israeli farmers. The dates are selected and natural and pure silane is extracted from them.
Silane is used as a natural sweetener and in addition its unique taste allows the preparation of marinades, sauces, and various delicacies and pastries. In addition, cooking in Ceylon has become very popular and can be found in appetizers, main courses, appetizers and, of course, additions to desserts.
When combined in a ratio of 1:1 with raw tahini, an amazing spread is obtained (called by Iraqi Jews "Silan Orshi") - a natural halva spread that everyone loves.

Silan without added sugar, date spread without added sugar, date snacks without added sugar and other products without added sugar can be found on the website.

On the site you can also find mini recipes that combine natural silane.

Come and hear about our silan and growing dates:
In our visitor center overlooking the spectacular view of the Sea of ​​Galilee, you can watch the film and hear an explanation.
Suitable for families, couples and groups.
You can get more details by phone or WhatsApp.
So the next time you are on a trip to Kinneret and want to know - what to do in Kinneret?
Our answer is - filling energy batteries with dates in the village!

Natural silane without sugar - see also Natural silane in a squeeze bottle, Natural silan without sugar 370 gr.

The silan is actually the concentrated juice of boiled dates, the silan is the most important ingredient in the traditional khrosat of Iraqi Jews, and some Iraqi Jews believe that the natural silan is actually the khrosat on Pesach.

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Warning: Choking hazard for children under 5 years old

Precautionary rules to prevent suffocation in children under 5 years of age

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